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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pass the salt please....

Considering how long I've been in food service, you'd think nothing could surprise me anymore!

And we'd all be wrong! :)  This little happening amused me, so it's going to be the first post on the new blog!

Old Fashioned Woman Pouring Salt - Royalty Free Clipart Picture
My restaurant has a full salad bar and of course that's one of the main attractions.  I had the section next to it Friday night, and I saw a guest leave the bar with a salad and go over to one of my tables (nope, I was NOT their server), climb over the booth, grabbed the salt shaker and salted their salad.

Always willing to help, I went over and apologized and asked him if I needed to bring a salt and pepper shaker to THEIR table...since obviously they seemed to be missing...why else would someone go to all that trouble?

They looked at me like I was the crazy one, and said.....

"I'm using yours because there's no salt on the SALAD BAR!!"
There was absolutely nothing to say to that! Seldom am I speechless. LOL

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